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2019 Best Balance Bikes Buying Guide For Kids From Manufacturer

2019 Best Balance Bikes Buying Guide For Kids From Manufacturer


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Balance bike options have skyrocketed since I had my first nephew, let alone my own first child! There are so many choices out there and this guide is intended to help you understand what to look for when combing through the best balance bikes for kids in order to find the one that will work best for your child.

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What is a balance bike?

A balance bike is a small wheeled bike with no bottom bracket, cranks, or pedals. A small child can walk or run while seated on such a bicycle.

The majority of the market lies with the roughly 18 month to 3 year old crowd. Currently, there is a trend towards slightly bigger models aimed at the 3 to 5 year old crowd — riders that are reluctant to totally ditch their balance bikes in favour of a pedal bike (just yet). There are also some models aimed at older children and/or children with disabilities.

Benefits of balance bikes

Because these bikes are so small and simple, a young child gets to focus on what is arguably the hardest and most important skill to learn in order to ride a bike: balance.

They also learn to steer and if their bike has a hand brake, braking.

How does a balance bike work?

Once they have a bit of speed with their seated walking or running, your child can start to learn to balance and glide. It will come in spurts at first and then will start to look smoother. At this point, braking by dragging their flat-footed feet will develop and/or the use of a hand brake (if the model has one, many don’t). And, thus, a little ripper is born!

Pedal Less Bike

How to Buy the Best Balance Bikes for Kids

If you are anything like me or my husband, you will be beyond stoked when the time comes that you can finally give your kid their very first bike. It’s a pretty special feeling being able to share something that you love with your child!

Balance Bike: Age

The age that you can buy their first bike is much earlier than when we were kids. Now there are balance (or run) bikes that were not around when I was a kid (at least not where I come from) and it was very rare to find a family that removed the bottom bracket and crankset off of a bike so that they could function like a modern run bike.

Your child is ready to start playing with a run bike when they are approximately 18 months old, give or take, depending on if they are walking and how big they are.

Aluminium balance bike

Aluminum is your best bet if lightweight is what you are seeking in a balance bike for toddlers. There are some super lightweight aluminum frames out there which is fantastic for early adopters of balance bikes, but a more robust rider might find them too light!

Steel/chromoly balance bike

Steel is often the cheapest material available and if it means the difference between your child having a balance bike and not having one, go for steel. Steel is what most of the Balance Bike are made of and it has worked for us, withstanding many years of use and abuse, kid-style.

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